The only way to preserve your own health is to eat what you do not want, drink what you do not like and do what you do not want

Mark Twain

However, the appeal of Marek Twain does not apply to our products, because in view of the expectations of our clients, we make every effort to ensure that the products are tasty, healthy and thus meet all the requirements of the applicable food law.


The quality control of the District Dairy Cooperative in Radomsko is based on ensuring safety and quality at all stages of product creation, i.e. from the extraction of raw material through processing, storage and distribution.


The OSM Quality Control Department in Radomsko consists of 3 laboratories:

– Raw milk assessment laboratory with full modern equipment enabling comprehensive analysis of raw milk from individual suppliers both in terms of microbiological and chemical parameters. These are: Bactocount IBC, Somacount, Bentley150, DairySpec and the CryoStarI cryoscope

– Microbiological laboratory controlling the microbiological purity of products, semi-finished products, any food additives, packaging and production environment using the modern WhitleyWaspTouch spiral culturing device

– Physico-chemical laboratory verifying physico-chemical parameters both in the course of production and the final product using the latest near-infrared technology – NIR FLEX


The laboratory staff under the responsibility specified in the management system is competent on the basis of appropriate education, skills and experience. It improves its competences through appropriate internal and external training. The reliability of our results is checked through systematic participation in inter-laboratory comparative tests and proficiency tests.

Quality management system


The overriding objective of the District Dairy Cooperative in Radomsko is to produce products of high quality, safe in terms of health and meeting the requirements of food law as well as the requirements and preferences of our current and future customers.


Acquiring raw materials and production of our products are carried out on the basis of implemented preliminary programs and the HACCP system based on threat analysis for all production, storage and ancillary stages.


Confirmation of our activities to ensure the proper quality of products, meet the legal requirements and requirements of the implemented food safety management system according to PN – EN ISO 22000: 2018 is a certificate issued for the plant in Radomsko by the Polish certification body PNG Sp. z o.o.
The procedures of pre-programs and HACCP system functioning in our plants in Radomsko and Nowy Targ are subject to verification and continuous improvement in order to strive to achieve high quality of products and guarantee their health safety.
Quality and safety is a priority in the work of our team.