Characteristics of the Plant in Radomsko

Apparatus space

High-class process equipment, operated by computers. A unique installation for microfiltration of milk, allowing to obtain microbiologically clean milk, with extended durability, without high-temperature thermal treatment.

Packing department

Packaging of liquid milk products in PET plastic bottles, PURE PAK cardboard boxes by Elopak and Tetra Brik by Tetra Pak and mugs


A line for the production of traditional butter using a continuous method and a modern line for the production of butter and mixes with reduced fat content.


The production of traditional cottage cheese, the so-called cossettes and an automated line for the production of “Ale!” Cottage cheese, using a drip method, vacuum packed

Powdery milk

Production of skimmed milk powder.

Devices with a capacity of approx. 30 tons per day.

After modernization: no dusting to the atmosphere (bag filter), reduced noise emission (silencer).

Packing department


Powdery milk

Characteristics of the plant in Nowy Targ


At a plant that is known in Nowy Targ, we have been gaining experience in the dairy industry since 1977. We are currently processing over 200,000 liters of milk per day.

Apparatus space


The modern, automated apparatus is equipped with several pasteurising and spinning sets, which allows for quick processing of the raw material supplied from the farmers.
The latest investment is a line used to concentrate whey by reverse osmosis. The technology used allows for a high degree of concentrate concentration of whey.

Our cheese

Under the watchful eyes of experienced cheese producers, aromatic matured cheese is created using the fully automatic Obram line.



The cheese is produced according to the mold technology with individual pressing of each piece of cheese. The line ensures the production of cheese in an automated way with the use of a control system built on the basis of microprocessor controllers of the SIMENS company connected by a profibus network.




The plant is adapted for automatic operation, the operation of overhead cranes is controlled by a radio transmitter. Containers with cheeses are loaded and unloaded automatically. The weighted and labeled cheese is served from the cheese line by a belt conveyor to the salt room. The transport of cheeses to containers and their unloading takes place by means of mechanical conveyors. The cheese-filled container is transported by a crane to the right place to the pool.



In our maturing room, mild Swiss-Dutch, spicy Tylwia and Zbójnickie cheeses, as well as Ecological – are formed from milk from cows grazing on mountain meadows.



In 2017, we implemented the production of rennet unripened Cagliata cheese, characterized by good ductility. It is an intermediate for the production of, among others mozzarella.

We have a packaging line, thanks to which on the shop shelf you can find slices of cheese packed in a convenient “open-close” tray.

Regional products

It is here, in the capital of Podhale, that unique products from the Hej brand are created! inspired by tradition and highlander culture. Using the experience of our grandparents, we created a department of regional products with highlanders. We put all our heart into the production of Gołek, Serki, Nitek Serowe, Gryfino Cheese and the delicious Rolada Ustrzycka.



Our products are smoked using a traditional method – natural smoke generated during the combustion of beech and alder wood.


UHT milk such that Hey!

In Poland, its recipients have UHT milk produced in our handy 0.5 liter carton and traditional 1 liter container. In our assortment there are also UHT creamers. For younger milk lovers Hey! we offer chocolate, vanilla and strawberry liqueurs.
Perfectly refined aseptic packaging system and high-quality multilayer packaging guarantees high quality of milk that hey!