While implementing investment projects for years, we are not only concerned with short-term economic benefits, but also with the needs of the environment present and anticipated in the future. Therefore, the most important criteria for introducing new technologies or devices to the production plant of the Regional Dairy Cooperative in Radomsko are: the lowest consumption of natural resources (water, fuels) and other energy media (electricity and heat), requirements for auxiliary agents, as well as the type and the amount of waste generated. Such proceedings result

from deep awareness and understanding of problems related to the effects of exploitation of the environment.


We are the first dairy cooperative in the country, which in 1993 produced thermal energy for technological purposes based on boilers fired with high-methane gas, additionally equipped with devices allowing to recover heat from fumes.


The washing processes of the production lines were automated, and the water cycles were closed, which significantly reduced the use of water and washing agents.


In addition, we have carried out a number of improvements and changes:

  • water obtained from milk compaction feeds the boiler room and serves for preliminary washing of non-processed equipment,
  • Traditionally used in dairying detergents (solutions of sodium hydroxide and acid nitrogenous) have been largely eliminated in favor of modern cleaning products, biodegradable.


Other projects implemented in our company and serving the environment are:

  • sewage pre-treatment plant,
  • a battery of fabric filters that effectively eliminates the possibility of milk dust being released into the air,
  • application of a number of solutions to improve the acoustic climate.


We strive to reduce the amount of waste generated by implementing the principle of “minimizing the source” among employees and the absolute requirement for segregation of waste that can not be avoided.


Our concern for the environment is expressed through the implementation of procedures and continuous improvement of activities in the quality system that has been in place for years, also for reducing the impact on the environment.


The techniques and technologies used in the manufacturing process, recognized in the dairy industry for BATs – the best available techniques, allow obtaining the lowest energy consumption index in the country, comparable with the results obtained in EU countries, and in some cases even more favorable.


We obtained an integrated permit – a document that is the most important “certificate” of compliance with the required standards in terms of environmental impact in manufacturing processes, and we are currently participating in the “Company Close to the Environment” competition announced by the European Ecological Responsibility Forum.