Spinach pancakes with smoked curd

Author: admin
Date: 06.05.2019


3 eggs

2 glasses of wheat flour

1 1/2 glasses Hej! Fresh milk 2%

1 glass of water

450 g of ground spinach

1 clove of garlic

1/2 teaspoon of salt


Hej! Half-fat curd smoked with smoke from beech and alder wood – 150 g

smoked salmon – 150 g

Hi! Natural yogurt – to taste

pepper – to taste

Whip the eggs with salt to white. Mixing add flour and liquid ingredients alternately. Add the crushed spinach and garlic crushed by the press. All connect well. Fry pancakes on two sides in a pan with a non-stick coating.Curd cheese squeezed through the press to add a teaspoon of yogurt, a pinch of pepper to taste and mix. Put a slice of smoked salmon on the pancake and wrap it