Spring layered salad

Author: admin
Date: 06.05.2019



500 g country cheese
1 bunch of chives
6 eggs
1 can of canned peas
20 dag of chicken meat
1 can of canned peppers or red beans (according to taste)
1 green cucumber
1 onion
3 smaller tomatoes

salt, pepper to taste

4 tablespoons of mayonnaise

2 tablespoons of ketchup

Cottage cheese, peas drain on a strainer. Rinse and chop the chives. Hard-boiled eggs cut into cubes. Sprout, pepper, cucumber, onions and tomatoes also cut into cubes.

We put the salad in layers

We start with tomatoes and onions, which should be sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Next, we arrange:

– green cucumber and canned peppers (which can be turned into beans);
– Tyrolese luncheon;
– cottage cheese;
– canned peas;
– mayonnaise and ketchup sauce (mayonnaise 4 tablespoons mixed well with ketchup 2 tablespoons).
– eggs and chives at the end.

A very colorful salad tastes extremely tasty and will delight the whole family.